African-American Automobile New Car Dealers

The Difference Makers
1960 - 1990


Like a puzzle, there are many pieces to complete a picture, so it was in helping build a diverse new car dealer network. Profiled are some of those African-American men and women who played a major role, or participated in some manner, in helping shape a greater diversity of the industry's automobile retail dealer networks.

The focus is directed at those in the very early years who were the 'difference makers." Specifically, emphasis is placed on the years prior to 1990.

The basis for the selection of these individuals were contributions made, recognition by their peers and length of the time they were involved in the pioneering process. It is recognized there is risk of not identifying all who played a significant role and therefore, this list will be up-dated as the research process continues.

Information is provided on designated individuals by manufacturer and presented alphabetically.

Chrysler Corporation
Ford Motor Company
General Motors

Tom Pappert (Chrysler), Henry Ford II (Ford), Phil Benton (Ford) & James Scanlon (GM) are the only non-African-Americans identified as early 'difference makers'.

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