African-American Automobile New Car Dealers


First African-American New Car Appointments

Date Individual Location Make
8-36 Dan Gaines Chicago, Illinois Ford
8-67 Bob Nelson-Ernie Banks Chicago, Illinois Ford
10-67 A. Gordon Wright Venice, Calif. Ford
9-68 Ron MacIlvaine Dorchester, Mass. Ford
11-68 Clem Edwards-Al Dinwiddie Chicago, Illinois Ford
3-69 Dan Brown New Rochelle, NY L-M
8-69 Leslie Bland Chicago, Illinois L-M
12-69 J. H. Price Queens Village, NY L-M
1-70 Nathan Conyers Detroit, Michigan Ford
4-70 Al Ligons Oakland, Calif. Ford
12-70 Horace Noble Chicago, Illinois L-M
4-71 W. J. Phillips Queens Village, NY L-M
5-72 Tom Gillespie Gary, Ind. Ford
8-72 Arthur Bailey Brooklyn, NY Ford
8-72 D. J. Babb Newhall, Calif. Ford
10-72 Clarence Allen Chicago, Illinois L-M
11-73 Sam Johnson E. St. Louis, Ill. L-M
1-74 Emery Hopkins Eutaw, Alabama Ford
3-74 LaRoy Doss Pittsburgh, Calif. Ford
10-74 LeroyToombs Kansas City, Mo. L-M
2-75 Wayne Russell Angleton, Tx. Ford
3-75 William Huff Manchester, Ga. Ford
4-75 Bill Lee Marysville, Ohio Ford
6-75 Raymond Sykes Plymouth, Mass. Ford
7-75 Terry Brantley Atlanta, Ga. LM
8-75 Bob Harrison Fayetteville, Tenn. Ford
10-75 Harold Williams Mt. Orab, Ohio Ford
11-75 Mel Farr, Sr. Oak Park, Mich. Ford
12-75 Pete Lincoln Longwood, Fla. L-M
1-76 Sterling Stokes Buffalo, NY Ford
4-76 Richard Coleman Philadelphia, Pa. Ford
2-77 William Shack, Jr. Yucca Valley, Ca. Ford
6-77 Cal Vinson Canton, Ohio Ford
5-77 Harold Campbell Muncie, Ind. L-M
7-77 Don Robinson Springfield, Il. L-M
7-77 Bob Higgins Texas City, Tx. L-M
9-77 William Hardaway Chicago, Ill. Ford
9-77 Kenneth Younger Fairfield, Ohio Ford
11-77 Franklin R. Kennedy Columbus, Ind. L-M
11-77 Sam Johnson Charlotte, N. C. L-M
11-77 Thomas Tate Sardis, Ms. Ford
11-77 Von Vassall Philadelphia, Pa. L-M

FMMDA – Ford Motor – Interviews
Research by Rusty Restuccia

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