African-American Automobile New Car Dealers


First African-American New Car Appointments

Date Individual Location Make
1923 Homer B. Roberts Kansas City, Mo. Oldsmobile a} (see notes below)
10-67 Albert W. Johnson Chicago, Illinois Oldsmobile
11-67 Adam McFadden Los Angeles, Calif. Pontiac
2-69 Theodore &
Butler Chapelle
Chicago, Illinois Pontiac
4-69 Edward Frazier Tuskegee, Ala. Chevrolet
7-69 Richard J. Wood Washington, D. C. Oldsmobile
9-69 William W. Nelson Richmond, Calif. Chevrolet
1969 Roy Q. Hanks Richmond, Calif. Pontiac
2-70 Jasper Smith Cortland, NY GMC Truck
3-70 Joseph Wilson &
Maurice McIntosh
Washington, D. C. Buick
4-70 Clarence Carter Detroit, Michigan Chevrolet
9-70 Theodor Harrison Coatsville, Pa. Oldsmobile
2-70 Porterfield Wilson Detroit, Michigan Pontiac
3-71 Bill and Don Tinsley Redwood City, Calif. Buick
3-71 Charles C. Johnson Tuskegee, Alabama Pon./Cad.
4-71 Charles H. White Chicago, Ill. Buick
5-71 Claude James Oakland, Calif. Pontiac
6-71 Albert W. Johnson Chicago, Illinois Cadillac
9-71 Rufus Dukes Chicago, Illinois Oldsmobile
9-71 Robert J. Myers, Jr. Upper Darby, Pa. Chevrolet
3-72 Robert W. Smith, Jr. Louisville, Ky. Chevrolet
4-72 Fred Thompson Chicopee Falls, Mass. Oldsmobile
7-72 Richard Gidron New York, N.Y. Cadillac
1972 Edward Feggans Washington, D. C. Oldsmobile b}
1973 Darrell R. Gordon Philadelphia, Pa. Buick b}

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Automotive News
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Research by Rusty Restuccia

a} Distributor

b} Month not known

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