African-American Automobile New Car Dealers


First African-American New Car Appointments

Date Individual Location Make
1951 Rufus Dukes Chicago, Ill. P-D a} (see notes below)
11-63 Ed Davis Detroit, Michigan C-P
5-68 Kenneth O. Wilson Baltimore, Md. Dodge
8-68 Todd Cochran &
Roy Knight
San Francisco, Calif. Dodge
8-68 Don M. Thomas Newark, NJ C-P
10-68 Arthur Bailey Brooklyn, NY Dodge
3-69 Lou Brock East St. Louis, Ill. Dodge
9-69 Robert E. Hill Compton, California Dodge
9-69 Horace Noble Chicago, Ill. Dodge
10-69 Walter Y. Allen Vallejo, California C-P
11-69 Burt Clemons Los Angeles, Calif. C-P
8-70 Douglas Lambert Coatesville, Pa. C-P
9-70 Theron Bell Buffalo, N. Y. C-P
3-72 Bill Bruton Pontiac, Mich. Dodge
12-72 Burrell Burns Chicago, Ill. C-P
1972-73 William Padgett Philadelphia, Pa. Dodge b}
2-73 Don M. Thomas Centerville, Ohio C-P
3-73 Fred Rhodes Tuskegee, Alabama C-P
8-74 Burt Clemons Cleveland Hgts, Ohio C-P
10-74 Leon Smith Atlanta, Ga. Dodge
4-78 Keith Bullard Philadelphia, Pa. C-P
1-79 Robert P. Neal Chicago, Ill. Dodge
5-79 Franklin Perry South Hill, Virginia C-P-D


a} Rufus Dukes – Equity position
Thomas-Beckley Plymouth-Dodge, Inc.
Chicago (Sub-dealer) Parts and Service
b} Month Unknown

Source: Chrysler Corporation
Automotive News
Ebony Magazine
Interviews by Rusty Restuccia

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